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High Availability cloud launches in London DC5

Published by on October 1st, 2021

Spiral Hosting Limited (, a leading UK and Ireland web hosting solutions provider today announced a major upgrade to a new High Availability cloud server platform in London.

Peter Armstrong, director of the HSP explained: “Spiral Hosting are taking our Cloud platform into the future and launching a High Availability service in our London DC5. This will be a major upgrade to our Cloud system itself and the hardware architecture. With the new platform, we have ensured every component has been built end-to-end to ensure high availability, resiliency and redundancy. Earlier this year we completed a similar upgrade in Dublin and the results have been phenomenal.”

“Spiral Hosting provide feature-rich hosting, with cPanel control panel, SSD disk storage and 24×7 technical support. The new platform offers significant technical improvements, that will boost speed & performance, offer additional failover & redundancy, and give us a superb platform to continue offering one of the leading cloud hosting solutions in the UK & Ireland.”


Notes for hosting clients:

Migrations will take place throughout October 2021. Our technical team will notify all clients in advance. Our technical team will work with all clients to ensure a smooth migration. Most migrations will be scheduled at night time to ensure as little inconvenience as possible. Please keep an eye out for email notifications and pass a copy to your IT person / web developer.

If you’d like an IT person or web developer to receive a copy of the upgrade email, you should make sure they are added as a Contact on your client area. You can do that here:
For a contact to receive the upgrade email, the checkbox for “Product” must be ticked.

We have created a technical checklist for hosting clients in London, which your IT person or web developer can review here:

The full migration schedule may be adjusted over time, therefore we will notify clients 1-2 weeks in advance only. We appreciate your understanding.
Please contact our technical support if you have any questions.

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