Our Company

MAXER was established in 2006. With data centres in Europe (Dublin, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam), Asia, Australia, Canada and the USA, we're an Irish company with a global presence. Our experience started back in 1998 as the worldwide web began to flood into homes and companies began to see the advantages of having an online presence. With this extensive knowledge of the developing world of web hosting, we really know our stuff! Our company has grown considerably over the years into a global brand recognised for its dedicated, friendly service and ease of use.

Maxer Host’s reputation for customer service is at the forefront of our business across the globe. We’re constantly redeveloping and re-investing in our future to help our clients develop their future too. We know what to expect when it comes to web hosting and we promise we will strive to deliver these expectations every day.

Our Mission

To provide effective, reliable and secure hosting with the right products and services to improve and enhance your hosting environment. We strive to give fast, secure domain registrations making it easier to get your presence online sooner and offer a wide range of SSL Certificates to keep your website secure.

We operate by the mantra ‘going the extra mile.’ Our technicians have a wide range of talents and are knowledgeable on a range of different technical issues. We want to point you in the right direction to get your issue resolved. That means going above and beyond what hosting companies normally offer support in and finding the answer for you. We agree that policies and regulations must be adhered to - especially in the world of the web - but if you need support with a particular part of your site, we will research what we can to help give you the answer. We see ourselves as partners in the decision making. Business partners for life. So let's work together to develop and expand our business.


Our timeline

The big relaunch! We acquired German firm MaxterHost and relaunched our entire brand as Maxer.com - exciting opportunities ahead!

We became an accredited registrar for .EU (Europe) domain names.

We acquired Wupav Hosting in Ireland.

We acquired JSWeb hosting and started offering cloud hosting in the UK..

At the other side of the world, we acquired Australian hosting firm SpeedySparrow. Global opportunities!

A busy year as we acquired Aventure Host, the first provider in Ireland to offer web hosting on the cloud. We also became a Nominet channel partner for .UK domain names.

As the company grew, we acquired Eideashop Hosting and started offering hosting in Chicago, USA. We also became an accredited registrar for .IE (Irish) domain names.

Our founder was a student at Ulster University. Fellow students took their placement year at Microsoft, Google or Facebook. Our founder had been working with web servers since the age of 15, and wanted something a little more entrepreneurial! With savings of €2000, he paid for a stand at a technology expo in Dublin and launched Spiral Hosting!

Got questions? We're here to help you.